The West End Highway/Henry Hudson Parkway (A-9), is one of many steps taken in the history of urban development, in the favor of highways over public transit. Running along the river on the west side of Manhattan, it makes it difficult for residents and visitors to reach Riverside Park, especially in the area North of 72nd street.

These images were taken around 172nd street, a few blocks South of the George Washington Bridge, to show a stairway between buildings, and a path built to connect to the park along the Hudson river. The stairway has been shut down; the path shows signs of time, and very low if no maintenance at all: rusty handrails; graffiti and garbage; decapitated lamps. Moreover, the path leads downhill to Riverside Drive at a very dangerous point to cross (especially if one wants to take children to the park), with no signs to direct whoever wants to continue to the other side of the street, onto the rest of the way to Riverside Park, near the Red Lighthouse.

My dream is that these images will inspire some maintenance/renovation project to allow residents and visitors to enjoy safely this beautiful area.